Baltimore Vs Boston Game Preview (Week 1)

by Ricky Spyder

Baltimore constellation VS boston militia

saturday - 2:30 PM ET

Written by Ricky Spyder


GSB S3 | Week 1

In a battle between two of the better expansion team from Season 2, Baltimore will definitely be out to set the tone in the Atlantic division. Baltimore has definitely seen some rather drastic personnel changes with the acquisition of Tim Riggins, Aldo Huxley, Jack Lawson, and Ernesto Romero all in one offseason. I expect Baltimore to be a strong team this season, but we will have to see if they can learn to gel with the boatload of new talent. 

The Militia, on the other hand, are back with relatively the same crew from Season 2 plus some promising young rooks. Boston is a team that I believe could surprise even the S1 teams this season. Dex Matty was an obvious stand out from last season rookie class, while the veteran King DeMoura can only seem to grow more dominant. Will the Militia rise to beat their “reloaded” rivals? Or will Baltimore’s new class of S3 prove too formidable?

Players To Watch

Jamal Davis, Baltimore

With a tough matchup in front of him in King DeMoura, Jamal Davis will have a big task in the battle for the boards. One thing that will be interesting to see is if Baltimore can use Davis’ ability to stretch the floor, as he did very well in his rookie season. 

Timo Shuttlesworth

At the 2 spot tonight, Timo will be seeking to impose his will against fellow S2 player Dex Matty. Timo has shown the capability to be an explosive scorer and even when not getting all the touches, he still shows a knack for locking down on the perimeter. Will be huge for Baltimore if Timo gets going 

King DeMoura, Boston

The King of Boston enters week 1 with plans to… do the same things he always does, control the boards, dominate the paint, and be that elite veteran leader. If Jamal Davis gets overwhelmed by the King, it could spell disaster for. Baltimore

Dex Matty, Boston

One of the best pickups for Boston in S2, Dex Matty showed all last season that he can be THAT GUY. He consistently gave his all on the court and put up numbers that even some vets couldn’t reach. Dex will definitely look to become an even bigger force for the Militia and will be trying to put up big numbers on Timo tonight.

Prediction: Baltimore: 96 - Boston: 89