Boston Militia vs Michigan Killer Beez Preview (Week 2)

by Tim Riggins

Boston Militia vs Michigan Killer Beez

Boston had a very solid game vs the Constellation in a week 1 loss. The Militia was able to put points on the board, but struggled mightily on defense. Mike Melo seems to be the man to run the offense this season as he dropped 25 points last week, and will have a huge height advantage tonight if matched up with McGinty. The Militia will also need to do a better job at defending the paint as they gave up 84 points in the paint last week as well. That’s a very unacceptable amount, and something that will need a fast fix if they want to win this game against Michigan and their star studded team. 

The Killer Beez started off S3 with a win against their rival in the Ohio Shaman. Newly acquired PG, Brennan McGinty, had a very good debut for Michigan putting up 16 points and looks to have a bounce back season. Michigan only shot 22% from 3 that game, but only allowed Ohio to shoot 18% from 3 as well. Boston is a much better shooting team than Ohio so the Beez will need to make sure they make their jumpshots this game while still playing great perimeter defense. 

Keys For The Game

Boston: Interior Defense

Michigan: Shooting

Players To Watch

Dex Matty

Matty is one of the best scorers and shooters in Boston, and was a top 5 rookie last season. The Militia will rely on him tonight to take advantage of Greg Lake being matched up on him defensively, but also being able to slow down Lake on the other end of the floor as well. 

Greg Powers

One of the most underrated big man in the league, Powers is a very good player on both ends of the court. He can rebound, finish, and stretch the floor. Powers will be matched up with 2x PF all-star, Petey Wheatstraw, and will be relied on to out compete his match up in order for the Militia to pull out a win tonight. 

Damien Chambers

Another underrated player, Chambers is a terrific wing scorer that can catch on fire any given game. The SF should have a favorable matchup this week and I expect him to drop 10-15 points tonight to give his team the best chance to win. 

Truck Turner

Former MVP and DPOTY, Turner just saw his former teammate Riggins drop 33 pts against Boston with a PG matched up on him. There should be no question that Truck has that same ability and should be able to have a big game himself if he gets that same matchup tonight. 


Prediction: Michigan: 97 - Boston: 88