BREAKING NEWS: Michigan's Coaching Change

by GSB News

GSB News

Following the loss Wednesday night to Kentucky, the Michigan Killer Beez, have decided to amicably part ways with Head Coach Jason Breeze Jr. The Beez will look to fly in a different direction and hope to see sunnier days in the 2nd half of the season.

Breeze Jr. guided Michigan to a tough 2 - 6 record this season, with both of their wins coming at the start of year. Given Breeze Jr's outstanding reputation and positive standing within the organization the Michigan Front Office have made sure that this process has been as cordial as possible.

To start this new chapter the franchise has named, Ayotrav, as Interim Head Coach with Doc Boone assisting through the end of the season. The Beez have quite a few favorable matchups left on their schedule, but may sadly be out of the playoff race.