Greg Lake Traded to Atlantic City

by Tim Riggins

Former S1 All-Star Greg Lake Traded

As news broke a few days ago, Greg Lake will be heading to Atlantic City to join the undefeated Sea Dogs in hopes to help them contend for a championship this season. The trade involved S3 rookie, Rando Lorenzo, and S4 IP in exchange for the chance to revive the S1 MVP runner up. 

Greg Lake made headlines all during S1 with his explosive scoring ability and persona. The shooting guard won the first ever GSB scoring title, was 1st team All-GSB SG, and was 1 vote away from tying Truck Turner for MVP. 

The Las Vegas Jokers then rebranded their team in the offseason and relocated to New Orleans. They drafted Brendan Goshay in the S2 draft in hopes that he would be Lake’s co-star and give them the best duo in the league to make a championship push. However, the Riders couldnt find a way to replicate Lake’s success in their gameplan, and he eventually found himself watching Goshay take over the team. This made Lake seek for a new team in hopes to get his career back on track. Lake eventually teamed up with S1 MVP, Truck Turner, and the Michigan Killer Beez where they made it to the semifinals in the playoffs. Lake had pretty much the same success in Michigan as he was having in New Orleans so there wasn’t too much progress in getting his career back to elite status. The Killer Beez lost Tim Riggins in free agency during the S2 offseason to Belimore, opening up a lot of points to be made up for which many thought was Greg Lake’s chance to get that elite scoring back. Sadly, after the first two games of the S3 season Lake has averaged 6 points showing a steep decline in production with the new staff’s gameplan. 

New owner of Michigan, Glass, explained how they noticed the lack of production and how the staff was having a hard time fitting him into their game plan this season so they decided to approach Lake to seek a trade with a team of his preference. Lake is currently on an expiring contract so Glass also mentioned he wanted to try to at least get something in return instead of potentially losing Lake for nothing. 

Michigan gets back Rando Lorenzo who has been solid so far in his rookie season. The Killer Beez look to be in good shape with their future cap position next season now, so it’s arguable they made out decently well in this trade despite the name value of Greg Lake. 

As for Atlantic City, they have started off the S3 season 2-0 after taking over from the previous Memphis Blues team and losing half the team. AC has returned Javier Munoz, Bismack, Truck Ackles, and Gen Shinobi, while bringing in Love Lockdown and beloved Hoe Jarris. The team then drafted 4 rookies to fill out the roster and were expected to be a middle-lower end team this season. The Sea Dogs proved to be legit following a close win over the Baltimore Constellation, who have also improved their roster a lot, and are also 2-0 within their division. If Coach GFC can get Lake back to his scoring prowess this team can be very dangerous and can potentially make a championship run

Here’s what co-owner of Atlantic City, Hoe Jarris, had to say about the acquisition of Greg Lake.

To be completely honest, Greg wasn’t on our radar. We figured as a former top scorer in the league and MVP runner-up, Greg was too valuable to be traded for and we wouldn’t have the assets to get it done. So I was surprised when Michigan reached out and offered Greg to us, and even more surprised when told what they’d want for Greg. I say this with all due respect to Rando Lorenzo III, as he’s made a huge impact on this team in his short time here and has been great in the locker room, but being able to get a former All-GSB player for him and some IP was a huge bargain. Some might be scared of Greg’s big personality but here in Atlantic City we embrace our guys and their personalities, for better or worse.

 Greg will add some much needed leadership to this locker room. With us having quite a few rookies, it’ll be great to have another veteran voice out there. On the court, Greg’s obviously an extremely talented scorer, but I’m confident our system can get the best out of him on both ends of the court. We will obviously be looking to him to provide some scoring inside and out for us, but we’re also considering whether we can fit Greg into our closing lineup in those games that go down to the wire. Nothing is set in stone yet though. We’re very fortunate to have a handful of really talented guards which makes any discussions about rotations or roles in our system very hard, since we feel like everyone deserves to be out there at once. We’ll see if we can turn this abundance of guards into a big positive for us. 

We’re obviously thrilled to welcome Greg to the organization, and wish Rando Lorenzo III the best with his new team in Michigan.”