GSB Midseason Trade Predictions

by Tim Riggins

Buyers: Atlantic City Sea Dogs

The Sea Dogs find themselves right in the middle of the standings at the moment and they could be looking at one more move for the season. Bring in Greg Lake and Ricky Spyder were some big names, but doesn’t fill their weakness which is defense as they currently give up 106 points a game. Atlantic City could look at getting an actual 2nd bench big to help the interior defense out for the 2nd unit. Worthy potential trade targets could be Anthony Simmons or maybe snag ghost Milton Francis Heinkel for cheap for the rest of the season.

Sellers: New York Skyliners

Another team that’s defense has been amongst the worst this season, the Skyliners find themselves at 1-5 and potential sellers. They gave up future picks for guard Robert Ivory who doesn't seem to be fitting very well as an off ball shooting guard which isn't his natural position.New York can probably give a team like Portland a call (for Puff if he ghosts) or Vice City who he played for S1 and won a championship. It would be smart if they gathered back some assets to make some moves this offseason, especially if other teams are wanting to make a push to the playoffs and unload ghosts plus picks/IP.   

Buyers: New Orleans Riders

Nola has started off S3 great at 4-2 and looked poised to be a playoff team. However, SF has been their weakest position at the moment with Saint shooting 43/32 and Holford shooting 38/33. With is safe assuming Saint will not be going anywhere the Riders could potentially look at moving the rookie Holford to a younger team for more opportunities in order to look for an upgrade to contend. Damien Chambers, Steve Carter, and RaeSean Carter (a PF that’s played SF all season) could all be potential targets for the Riders to pursue come trade deadline.

Sellers: Michigan Killer Beez

The Killer Beez have started off the season 2-4 which is an unusual spot for them. Digga hasn’t been what he was supposed to be when draft #1 and might succeed in a different environment with more opportunities like Dallas or Virginia. Anthony Simmons is another S1 vet that can help teams compete with whoever needs some big man help.

Buyers: Portland Pioneers

The Pioneers are just a season removed from being in the championship in S2, but look to be in a questionable position. Milton Francis Heinkel, star Center, has already ghosted, and rumors are starting PG Slimer Puffenstuff might be as well. Though the team sits at 4-2 how long will the success last before the lack of progression comes back to haunt them? If I am Portland I am looking to send those two elsewhere for players that could help the team contend. Teams like Atlantic City, Dallas, or Albuquerque may love the opportunity to take Heinkel in for the rest of the season to help their push to the playoffs and don't really have anything to lose in the deal. Portland also has the ability to move Carter back to PF and take a wing instead.