GSB Offseason Player Trade Grades

by Bryce Strawn

Nola sends: Adam Sala

Albuquerque sends: 5 S3 IP

Tbh idk what the Riders were thinking here trading Sala for basically nothing. A S1 player who still upgrades for only 5 IP is mind-blowing. Sala isn't very active or talkative, and maybe Nola was planning ahead incase of him being a future ghost, However, Sala currently isn't a ghost and I believe they could have gotten much more. On the Martians side this is a terrific trade. Sala can easily come in and be a replacement for Sasha Petrovic who was an impactful player for them during S2. 

Nola: D

Albuquerque: A

Nola sends: Robert Ivory

New York sends: S3 1st #14, S3 2nd, and S5 1st

Nola sends out another big time S1 upgraded player, but this time someone who was unhappy with his current situation on the team. They still managed to get 2 1sts out of Ivory, but will need to hit on those picks to make this trade look good in the future. New York desperately needed another guard after losing both Kam Melo and Aldo Huxley. Ivory can help ease the loss of one of them due to his scoring and playmaking. New York traded some key future assets, but for a team wanting to compete it's worth the gamble. 

Nola: C

New York: B

Baltimore sends: Keyon Hens, S3 1st #1, and S4 2nd

Michigan sends: Ernesto Romero and Jack Lawson

Baltimore seems to make a move towards contention with this trade. This marks the second time in back to back years Romero has been traded for the #1 pick. The plus for Baltimore is that Romero is more upgraded than any player they could have selected at #1 and is on a friendly 10mil contract. Lawson also comes over to Baltimore to help improve the production on the wing for the Constellations. Lawson broke out towards the end of S2 and made the finalists for S2 6MOTY. Michigan gets to cut some salary with this trade to help them get out of cap casualty. Michigan is linked to draft Grave Diggs who would be a great cheaper option to replace Romero. Keyon Hens also comes to Michigan to give them some backcourt depth, and someone who shot over 50% from 3 last season. This trade feels like a win for both sides with one team wanting to compete now and another team getting a good package to avoid cap.

Baltimore: A

Michigan: A

San Antonio sends: S3 1st #2 and Christopher Lingham

Kentucky sends: S3 1st #6, 10 S3 IP, and Ethan Lederman

San Antonio slightly trades down and upgrades their first guard off the bench for next season. Lederman was also a S2 finalist for 6MOTY and will add a great impact behind Tez Green and Dior Island. They are still in great position at #6 to add some frontcourt depth. Kentucky trades up to what I believe a chance to select a top big man in the draft. There are still some quality centers behind Grave Diggs that can come in and make an impact. The Reserve also brings in Lingham who will replace Love Lockdown and give them a big upgrade at bench PG to help out Dime Hardaway. This is also a trade that seems neither team loses on, and both get what they want to build. 

San Antonio: A

Kentucky: A

Portland sends: S3 1st #10 and S3 15 IP

Michigan sends: Slimer Puffenstuff

Another trade (and last one) that Michigan needed to complete to get themselves under cap. I believe Puffenstuff, even after a down S2, is worth more than a mid 1st and some IP. Teams most likely had the advantage over Michigan knowing their situation but I think Michigan could have secured another future asset at the minimum. The Pioneers find a guard replacement to help ease the loss of the beloved Hoe Jarris. Puffenstuff may be a downgrade offensively from Jarris, but he definitely brings another level on the defensive end.

Michigan: C

Portland: A

Albuquerque sends: Aldo Huxley (S&T), S3 1st #11, S5 1st swap (top 5 protected), 8 S3 IP, and 12 S4 IP

Baltimore sends: S3 1st #4

Albuquerque basically signed Huxley for free in favor of the Constellation. This trade is pretty much #11, S5 1st swap and IP for #4. The Martians move up in the draft to potentially help improve the frontcourt alongside Stover which they really struggled at last season. This is a solid trade for them to add an impactful player. Baltimore trades down to convince the Martians to facilitate a S&T to bring in Aldo Huxley, who’s a S1 PG, to continue to build up a contending team for S3. Both teams get what they want out of the deal and should benefit each team.

Albuquerque: A

Baltimore: A