GSB’s ‘What Ifs”

by Tim Riggins

What if Correctional Curator stayed?

Every Season 1 player remembers the unique build and highlight reel player of Correctional Curator. The 6 '7 highflying undersized center was one of the most electrifying players in the prospect leagues, and even in the regular season without upgrading. Curator was drafted by Vice City, who won the S1 championship, and was later traded as a ghost to Las Vegas Jokers for Enrique Suerte. 

So what if Curator never ghosted and continued to play for Vice? Does Vice City still win the S1 Championship with a smaller backup for Padraza? Does Vice City still win the S1 chip and Curator takes over the starting PF role? Or does Curator still get dealt to Las Vegas, who played Vice City in round 1, and gets his revenge on his former team (with this success maybe Greg Lake never requests a trade?)?

What if Bobby Bricks was never traded?

One of the best slashers in the league, Bobby Bricks was drafted 2nd overall by the Memphis Blues and became an all star during his half season spent with them. Bricks was seen as one of the best SF’s in the league at this time and was a big part of why Memphis was in the middle of a playoff race. However, Memphis started a fire sale to make a contending roster in S2 and eventually traded Bricks to the Michigan Killer Beez. At Michigan, Bricks didn't have much success during the regular season but put up identical numbers he had in Memphis during the Beez playoff run. Bricks was then traded to Ohio for the #1 pick, where he had a very lackluster season and became an afterthought in the best SF conversation?

What if Bricks stayed a Blue? Does Memphis stay a S1 playoff team and make a run? Does Michigan lose earlier in the playoffs without Bricks, or make a deeper run with 7 '0 Bryant Buckets?  Does Bricks stay with Memphis and leave the server during S2? Does Bricks stay at the top of the SF conversation? 

What if Milton Francis Heinkel was drafted by Michigan?

Going into the S2 draft Milton Francis Heinkel was a lock to go #1. After falling short in the S1 playoffs due to lack of big man depth, the Killer Beez traded Bobby Bricks (and other assets) to Ohio to draft Heinkel. Due to miscommunication Heinkel was no longer a candidate to go to Michigan. The Beez ended up trading the #1 pick to Portland (who drafted Heinkel) for S1 center Ernesto Romero. Michigan ended up losing in round 2 of playoffs again, and Portland lost in the S2 championship with Heinkel taking over the starting role not long after opening week. 

What iff MFH stayed in Michigan, do they still lose in round 2? Does Portland win the chip with a more upgraded/experienced center? Or lose still (or earlier) without the elite shot blocking and stretching ability from Heinkel? 

What if Kam Melo never went to Portland?

Kam Melo was arguably one of the best players and scorers in the league during his time in Kentucky for 1.5 seasons. However, Melo started to become unhappy with the lack of team success and locker room activity. During the middle of S2 Melo finally announced he was demanding a trade. The 2 teams who were competing for Melo was Portland and Michigan. Portland ended up winning the bid for the SG’s services, but it didn’t last long. After only a few games Melo demanded a trade again due to lack of player success and tension between teammate, Hoe Jarris. Melo was then shipped to New York for Tim Savage. 

What if Kam Melo never demanded a trade, or was traded to Michigan instead? Would Melo still be in the league? Would Greg Lake still be a Rider, or went to Portland instead of Michigan? Would Tim Savage still be relevant in New York? 

What if Tim Riggins landed an expansion team over Jim Carr?

Tim Riggins has been a GSB household name since day 1. He was in the running for a S2 expansion team, and was rumored to have his team based in Nashville. However, Michigan already lost 1 HC during the season so GSB selected Jim Carr instead, who ghosted the league a week after the team reveal. That replacement team ended up being the Virgina Merfolk, who finished last in the league last season.  

What if Tim Riggins got his Nashville team? Does Michigan have the same or better/worse success without Tim Riggins in S2? Does Ricky Spyder team up with Tim Riggins? Does Riggins enforce an expansion draft to insure his team is better? The league will never know because they chose Jim f’in Carr.

What if Memphis never left?

Memphis was one of the best teams in the league in S2, and arguably the most active team in the league. After some league chat drama and being unhappy with the way the league was doing things, the majority of the team left the league that ended up with them getting bounced round 1 after getting a top seed in playoffs. 

So what if the Blues stayed during S2? Does Ja Broni win S2 MVP and DPOTY? Do the Blues potentially win the S2 championship? Does Hoe Jarris still get his expansion team or still be in Portland? Does the league still make the changes they made during the offseason after Memphis brought them to light and sacrificed themselves?