GSB S2 Finals: Game 2 Preview

by Sean Robinson

The Oakland Otters controlled the entirety of Game 1, taking it 90-71. The series will stay in Oakland as the Otters look to increase their series lead to 2-0. The Pioneers are needing of a win tonight to stay in the series. Going down 2-0 isn’t going to give you great odds to win the whole thing.

Portland Pioneers: 

The Pioneers aren’t in a must win situation tonight, but it feels like they are. A win tonight evens out the series as they head back home to Portland. A loss digs them a deep hole as they would go down 2-0 and be just one loss away from an end to their season. Portland will need Quan Wulong-Chi big time tonight, as well as Tolany Velez and Tim Savage. Pharoah Dotson will also look to build off his strong game. It is clear that Portland will need to play team basketball to beat this feisty Otters team. We have seen their ability to get multiple players involved, and that’s how they can win this game.

Oakland Otters:

The Otters are feeling great about themselves after a 19 point win at home. They stay home tonight and will look to build off that win. If they can pull off the W tonight, they will take a 2-0 series lead as they head to Portland. This would put them in a great position to win the title. Surprisingly, Oakland did not utilize Anthony Stank as much in Game 1, as they instead relied on Colakovic and Jones. Colakovic has been great all season, especially in the playoffs. If he continues this great play, I don’t see how Portland can stop them. Oaklands defense will need to be superb once again to contain the Portland snipers.

Game Prediction:

Portland is hungry and needs to win this game. They are going to want it. But I think it’s clear that Oakland is the number 1 team in the league. They aren’t going to be beat by anyone right now. My prediction is that Oakland takes the 2-0 lead going into Portland's house. Only time will tell how it really plays out tho

Score Prediction:

87-75 Oakland Wins