GSB S3 1st Round Mock Draft

by Tim Riggins

Note from writer: A lot of picks were traded which is why the draft order looks off from standings

1. Baltimore - Grave Digga C

Arguably the most dominant prospect league player since returning back to the college ranks this season. Diggs is a dominant center leading the GSPL in RPG with 12.4 while putting up 10 PPG and 2.6 BPG (also tied for league leading). Being an expansion team automatically means Baltimore could use front court depth. The Constellation also had a top 5 rookie this season in Jamal Davis who is also a center. However, Davis showed great floor spacing efficiency this season that could allow him to move to PF and have Digga run the 5 if chosen. This would be a great step for Baltimore to be even more competitive in S3. 

2. New Orleans - Hunter Jackson PG

With Robert Ivory demanding a trade last minute during the S2 trade deadline the Riders could potentially look for a replacement and build their rising culture. Jackson is the GSPL leading scorer at 19.8 PPG while also dishing out over 3 APG, proving he can lead an offense. Jackson could help replace any potential offensive firepower they may lose with Ivory, and use Ivory to gather more assets or IP.

3. San Antonio - Angelo Roman C

The Stampede is another team that’s in desire of another C. Even though a S1 team the Stampede had a major re-haul in the previous offseason and still showed some exciting promise this season with Tez, Island, Cooper, and both Duncans. Roman is an absolute monster inside averaging 15.4 PPG (2nd), 9 RPG (4th) and 2.6 BPG (T-1st). A Duncan and Roman tandem would be very special for San Antonio, and would allow them to improve a ton with their interior play. 

4. Baltimore - Robert Bricks SF

Bricks doesn't necessarily have the stats, but he’s the kind of guy/player that fits Baltimore to a T. With Matata gone the Constellation will hope Dulany will step up as SG and Hens continue to develop, leaving Bricks a great chance to come in as starting SF and help ease the loss of Matata. Robert, a clone of Bobby, is a terrific slasher that can get to the basket when needed, and provided great height on the defensive end which Baltimore could definitely use. 

5. Boston - Joker DeJesus C

DeJesus was actually teammates with Roman but that didn't stop the duo from putting up great production. Joker averaged 8 PPG, 9 RPG, and 1.8 BPG, proving he was a force inside in his own right. Boston has DeMoura and Powers, but could definitely use another big man behind them to get boards and protect the rim. This league is all about front court depth, and you always need to hold your own inside to win basketball games. DeJesus is a clear upgrade over Saint, and will help improve the Militia for S3.

6. Kentucky - Tim Tam Mills C

Another center off the board. With the rumors of Tyree potentially testing Free Agency this offseason the Reserve will need a replacement. Center has been their weak spot all year (missing Romero) so it makes sense to grab one early in the S3 draft. Mills is 3rd in RPG (10.2) and puts up 10.8 PPG along with 1 SPG and 2 BPG. Mills looks to be the full package on both ends of the court, and could help the Reserve shore up things inside as they look to finally get a playoff berth in S3. 

7. Ohio - Brent Lane PG

Ohio’s PG play these past 2 seasons have been lackluster to say the least. Brent is 5th in PPG (13.8) and 1st in APG (5.2) showing he can be an offensive focal point which Ohio needs next to Scout Mitchell. Lane is also shooting 46% from 3 proving to be an elite outside shooter that can drastically improve the 3pt play of the Shaman. 

8. Vice City - Matthew Holford SF

Vice currently has 3 PFs, but with the pending free agent status on Al Padraza leaves the Kings with 2 PFs still so they can attack another position. Holford has arguably been the best wing in the GSPL as he’s averaging 15.4 PPG, 7 RPG, 3.2 APG, and 1.6 SPG proving to be an elite 2-way prospect. If majority teams didn’t need centers, Holford would be a top 3-5 lock so the Kings are getting an absolute steal.

9. Memphis - Brandon Burns PF

The Memphis roster looks to be a huge question mark after this season. However, they have Truck Ackles who did a real solid job at center for them so they give him a running partner for the future in Burns. Burns is a near double-double machine while showing elite rim protection promise posting 2 BPG. The Blues may take a step back but they are adding building blocks at the right places. 

10. Ohio - Tyrese White C

The last center of the 1st round lol. Marvin Metreaux could look for a bigger role this offseason which would leave a hole behind Tribble for next season. White didn’t provide a ton anywhere else except for being a terrific rebound being 2nd in the league with 10.8 a game. From a backup C that’s all the Shaman can ask for as they set to get their first playoff bid in S3. 

11. Seattle - Tyrano Rex PG

Former all-star Brennan McGinty could potentially be a cap casualty one day so Seattle looks for his replacement here. Rex has been outstanding putting up 13.2 PPG and 3.8 APG showing he can step in and provide close to the same production Seattle is getting from McGinty for a rookie scale price. 

12. Portland - Marshall Drake SG

The Pioneers set out to get a replacement for the ghost of Tolany Velez. Drake was 4th in the GSPL in scoring (14.2) while shooting 42% from 3. Portland would benefit very well from adding Drake to this current squad that looks to continue to be contenders.

13. Portland - Klank Thompson SG

Another SG for Portland here as Klank comes in to potentially replace pending FA Tim Savage. Klank is another top 10 scorer in the league, while also being 2nd in APG (4.0) and 3rd in 3PT % (52%). This production would be a great indicator that Klank could potentially replace the production of Savage. 

14. Oakland - Cash Wallace SF

Oakland loves their wing players so they add another. Wallace produced a terrific all around offensive game that could help take Oakland to an even better step forward on offense. 

15. Michigan - Chuck Bricks PG

Michigan only has 1 current PG on the roster and current backup PG (who’s a SG) Slimer Puffenstuff has been rumored to retire. The Beez get a great replacement in Bricks who has put up 10.8 PPG and shot 44% from 3.

16. Seattle - Tyron Wells SF

Seattle adds Wells who has a similar all around game as Steele Stern that could intrigue the Orcas. Stern could help mentor Wells to help his development especially on the defensive end where Stern has been elite this season.