Hawk's Season 3 Mock Draft

by Tyler Hoyt

Round 1

Pick 1 - Michigan Killer Beez - Grave Digga, C, Tulsa A&M
Michigan holds the number 1 pick pre-draft for the 2nd straight season, Last season they traded it away and Portland took Milton Francis-Heinkel, they won’t be doing that again. Grave Digga has widely been considered the top choice and Michigan will welcome him with open arms to make Digga and Bear Johnson one of the best frontcourts in GSB

Pick 2 - Kentucky Reserve - Angelo Roman, C, Buffalo Tech
Let the big man train keep rolling here as Kentucky needs a versatile Center and Angelo Roman fills that void, being able to play PF or C for the Reserve. Roman dominated the inside last year 15.4 PPG (2nd), 9 RPG (4th) and 2.6 BPG (T-1st). This would give Kentucky a great PF-C tandem with Mambo and Roman

Pick 3 - NOLA Riders - Brent Lane, PG, Wichita Poly
The Riders will be looking for another PG to replace the departure of Robert Ivory, and they have a few options. With Brendan Goshay looking like a breakout star for the Riders, they’ll need a true point guard to run the show along along side Scooby Lewis. Brent Lane led the prospect league with 5.2 assists last season and has molded into a true point guard, he also fits right in with the growing culture in NOLA

Pick 4 - Albuquerque Martians - Matthew Holford, SF, Tulsa A&M
This one may surprise some people, but it just works. ABQ needs some help at the SF position and Holford fills that need. Holford is experienced, spending 2 seasons in the prospect league, and flashed some big numbers this season as he’s averaging 15.4 PPG, 7 RPG, 3.2 APG, and 1.6 SPG. He’s a true dual threat and would fit in perfectly with what the Martians are building

Pick 5 - Vice City Kings - Marshall Drake, SG, Wichita Poly

The Kings are in a bit of an interesting spot as they don’t need too much since they return almost everyone this season, but they are very forward heavy. PG KyShawn Williams was a breakout rookie last season, so adding a complementary guard in Marshall Drake will give the Kings a little most versatility in the backcourt

Pick 6 - San Antonio Stampede - Joker DeJesus, C, Buffalo Tech

San Antonio has done a great job rebuilding their team recently with the addition of Ethan Lederman. They also drafted great last season, landing Rookie of the Year and All-GSB guard Dior Island. They are very guard heavy, so taking a very good Center in Joker DeJesus is a steal for them at 6. This is a stacked Center class and DeJesus has the opportunity to be every bit as good as Digga and Roman.

Pick 7 - Boston Militia - Cash Wallace, SF, Wichita Poly

One of my big risers headed into the draft, Wallace showed flashes of a great all around wing game that can boost the Militia on both sides of the court. He is a culture contributor as well and fits the mold of the type of player DeMoura is looking to bring into Boston. He is raw but has an extremely high ceiling in GSB

Pick 8 - Dallas Flying Stallions - Tim Tam Mills, C, Sarasota St?

I can see Dallas trying to trade up to grab one of the top three Centers in the draft because they need to fill the spot badly. They lost breakout performer Bear Johnson to Michigan and now are looking to fill that role on an otherwise stellar team. Mills was 3rd in RPG (10.2) and put up 10.8 PPG along with 1 SPG and 2 BPG in the prospect league. San Antonio has some history with Mills so if DeJesus falls here, Dallas would be ecstatic

Pick 9 - Atlantic City - Klank Thompson, SG, Sarasota?
Atlantic City starts their story with a trio of very good and versatile PGs in Jarris, Lockdown and Munoz. They have a couple other complementary pieces as well in Bismack, Ackles and Shinobi. One thing they don’t have, a knockdown shooter. Thompson could easily end up being the best shooter in this class as he was 3rd in the prospect league in 3PT % (52%). Adding a threat from the perimeter will make things easier for Munoz and Jarris.

Pick 10 - Michigan Killer Beez - Hunter Jackson, PG, St Paul St
Jackson really deserves to go higher in this draft, the problem is not many teams need a point guard. Michigan can add to a stellar draft class with the addition of the leading scorer in the prospect league. Jackson averaged nearly 20 points but showed his willingness as a passer as well and could fill a nice 6th man role behind 2 time All-GSB PG Truck Turner.

Pick 11 - Baltimore Constellation - DJ Woods, SG
Baltimore has a lot of length, but is pretty forward heavy. The departure of Hakuna Matata from the league leaves a big hole at the SG position and DJ Woods has the potential to slide in and play a similar role eventually. Woods is a little undersized at 6’1” but plays much bigger. He can score the ball at all 3 levels and has shown flashes of his playmaking and defensive skills. He is likely a project but has a high ceiling.

Pick 12 - New York Skyliners - John Matherly, PG, Tulsa A&M

Matherly is flying a little under the radar in this draft, but he shouldn’t be. With a couple years of experience under his belt already, he is ready for the bright lights of New York. Matherly has shown flashes of his scoring and playmaking ability and rebounds it well for his position. New York could move him to a wing position and they would have a nice slashing option to complement their solid guards.

Pick 13 - NOLA Riders - Jason Voorhees, PG

Voorhees is a sleeper in this draft, as his ideal position is still kind of unknown. He averaged around 10 points per game in the prospect league but was a solid defender as well. I think this is a case of being labeled as the wrong position. I project Voorhees as more of a 2-way SG, he does need to improve his perimeter game, but can be used as a defensive wing in the meantime. If utilized correctly, Voorhees can end up providing a big lift to a budding NOLA squad

Pick 14 - Oakland Otters - Tyrano Rex, PG

I know I am going against everything that Oakland is right now, but maybe the champs throw a curveball and take the smaller PG to keep teams on their toes. Rex definitely deserves to be a first rounder, and his stats back that up. Rex averaged 12.3 PPG and 3.8 APG showing that he can be a weapon at the point guard spot. I would move Oddy Nuff to the wing if this were the pick

Pick 15 - Portland Pioneers - Emmanuel Blackman, PG

Portland is a little light at the guard position with the departure of Hoe Jarris and can slide in a solid scoring guard like Blackman to the rotation. Blackman was among the leaders of the prospect league in scoring and showed his ability to craft an all around game, he just needs some time on the big stage. Blackman gives Portland the toughness to get back to the Finals.

Pick 16 - Virginia Merfolk - Brody Cait, PF

Trying to find a home for Cait in this draft has been a challenge, but Cait is an instant contributor in Virginia. Cait is a solid interior PF who ranked among the leaders in rebounds per game (8.6). Cait is a plus passer as well and battles on the interior for his points. With some development, Cait can turn into a walking double-double and possibly triple double threat from the PF/SF position.