Jarris' GSB S3 Mock Draft

by Daniel Jarris

With the official list of prospects now confirmed and the S3 draft just under a week away, let’s take a look at the current draft order and which players these teams might be looking to acquire in the draft or weaknesses they may be looking to address.

1. Michigan - Grave Digga, C

Probably an obvious #1 overall pick, Grave Digga dominated the GSPL to the tune of 10 PPG, 12.4 RPG, and 2.6 BPG. Michigan has seen a big shift in their roster this year, with 2-time All Star Tim Riggins, Ernesto Romero, and Jack Lawson all ending up moving on to Baltimore Constellation. Still with a capable roster featuring Greg Lake, Truck Turner, and the newly added owner/player Bear Johnson, Grave Digga will be an excellent addition to a squad eager to make another playoff run this year.

2. Kentucky - Angelo Roman, C

Kentucky is in need of a center, and with Digga likely being the first pick of the draft, they will get to select another standout center in Angelo Roman, who should fit in perfectly in Kentucky. He’s equally as dominant as Grave Digga but has a little while to go before his game is as complete as him. Nonetheless, Kentucky will be more than happy to “settle” for Roman after Digga is off the board.

3. NOLA - Hunter Jackson, PG

The move of Robert Ivory at the S2 deadline saw a hole at PG emerge for the NOLA Riders, who they will enthusiastically fill with Hunter Jackson, the best guard in his class and GSPL leading scorer with 19.8 PPG. Jackson should hit the floor running for the Riders who could definitely use his scoring and playmaking in the coming season.

4. Albuquerque - Matthew Holford, SF

Holford is an elite 2-way prospect, averaging 15.4 PPG and 1.6 SPG in the GSPL and will be a great addition to an Albuquerque squad looking to bounce back after their disappointing debut season. If the draft goes as predicted above, I can comfortably say that Holford will be the best player on the board and would expect the Martians to not let him fall any further.

5. Vice City - Marshall Drake, SG

Vice City are one of the more balanced teams in the league and will be looking to add on to an already good squad. They are currently a little weak at the guard position with KyShawn Williams being the only actual guard on the roster. Drake is a sharpshooter, averaging 14.2 points and 42% from 3 and will help space the floor for a Vice City squad with plenty of interior threats.

6. San Antonio - Tim Tam Mills, C

A running theme in this draft is the weakness of teams with lottery picks being at the center position. San Antonio is no different as they only have Jar Duncan at center currently and would be looking to address that weakness at the 6th overall pick. I think they go back and forth between Tim Tam Mills and Joker DeJesus before ultimately settling on the former. Mills is a worthy consolation prize for a team missing out on the top 2 centers in the draft in Digga and Roman. 

7. Boston - Jason Vorhees, PG

Boston secured one of the steals of the draft last year as Dex Matty ended up being arguably a top 3 prospect in GSB S2. They’ll be hoping for similar luck as they select 7th overall in this draft and will likely be looking for a PG or SF/PF at this pick. They’ll be looking for someone versatile and I think they’ll settle on Jason Vorhees. This 6’9” prospect is listed as a PG but could arguably play SF as he’s shown to be a capable 2 way player in the GSPL.

8. Dallas - Joker DeJesus, C

The world’s worst kept secret is that the Flying Stallions are desperate for some quality big men. The offseason has seen Bear Johnson leave the team to take over as an owner, and backup C Matt Phillips vanish into thin air. Dallas will surely take the best C available, with DeJesus, Tyrese White, and Jordan Dadika available. DeJesus is very raw, and yet the most polished of the 3 which means Dallas should end up selecting him.

9. Atlantic City - Jordan Dadika, C

Stop me if this sounds familiar: Team needs a big man. Atlantic City needs a backup for both Truck Ackles and Gen Shinobi who are part of the motley crew remaining after the exodus of the Memphis originals in the middle of Season 2. Dadika and White will likely be the only 2 true centers remaining at this point. With not much to separate them on paper, Atlantic City will pick one or the other.

10. Michigan - Brent Lane, PG

The first team with a second shot, Michigan will round out the top 10 likely looking to add another guard after getting Grave Digga at #1. Brent Lane is statistically the best playmaker in GSPL, averaging 5.2 APG and also scoring 13.8 PPG while connecting on 46% of his attempts from deep. Brent would be the perfect backup to S1 MVP Truck Turner.

11. Baltimore - Jason Breeze Jr, SF

With rumors that newly acquired free agent Tim Riggins wants to play SG bEcAuSe oF tHe hEiGhT MeTa, Baltimore will likely be looking to add a SF with their one pick in the upcoming draft to accompany Jack Lawson. Tall for a SF at 6'10”, Breeze Jr has shown signs of being a capable offensive threat and will help round out a new look Constellation squad.

12. New York - Marvin Hymes Jr, SF

Some key departures for New York sees them a little thin at the wing, with NY likely looking for either a SG or SF. I believe they’ll opt for the offensive potential of Hymes Jr, who showed himself to be a good prospect in the GSPL.

13. NOLA - Brody Cait, PF

With their second pick of the first round, NOLA will need to add a little height with either a SF or a PF. I believe they will opt for Brody Cait, the only PF in this draft really worth talking about (Arthur Morgan would go undrafted if we weren’t so thin on prospects). Cait grabbed 8.6 RPG as a prospect and will be a good, versatile piece for the Riders who might be looking for an interior defender.

14. Oakland - Klank Thompson, SG

The reigning champions Oakland will look to add another piece to a winning roster that retained 9/10 players after winning the championship. The tallest team in the league will be looking for a wing scorer and will take the best available. Klank Thompson is a 6’7 SG who’s a huge perimeter threat, shooting 52% from 3 in the prospect league. Thompson will mesh great with the Oakland team looking to repeat as champions.

15. Portland - John Matherly, PG

With the departure of Hoe Jarris into ownership, Tolany into ghost, and Chi into free agency, Portland acted fast to secure the signature of Sean Robinson and to trade for Slimer Puffenstuff. Only one spot remains for this Portland team to fill and it appears they need a backup PG with Devan Davis likely set to step up and replace Jarris as starting PG. Portland will likely grab the best PG on the board who at this point should be John Matherly.

16. Virginia - Tyrese White, C

Unfortunately for Virginia, some unfortunate offseason developments find them scrambling slightly going into the draft with their best pick being the last one of the first round. They have a lot of holes to fill on this roster, and they will look to grab the player left that would be the best fit for them. With the C position being a weakness of this draft, if there are any centers left,I believe that Virginia will take them. Spyder will still get the lion’s share of minutes but grabbing White will give them another C to build up for later seasons.