GSB League Update: Atlantic Division (Midway Point)

by Joey Phillips


Written by Joey PhillipsEdited by WeRBadGamers

At the midway point of the season, where do the Atlantic division teams sit relative to their division foes? Which teams are vying for a title and which are likely to hit the rebuild button? 

Current Atlantic division Standings

  1. Baltimore (5-2)
  2. Atlantic City (4-3)
  3. Boston (2-5)
  4. New York (1-6)

*Team breakdowns are in alphabetical order.

Atlantic City Sea Dogs

The upstart Sea Dogs are arguably the most well rounded roster in the division as the backcourt duo of Hoe Jarris and Javier Munoz pairs nicely with the Sea Dogs' loaded group of big men. Between the acquisition of Ricky Spyder and Truck Ackles, the Sea Dogs are versatile and arguably the strongest in the division at all positions. They currently can upend the division if they defeat Baltimore in their repeat matchup from earlier in the season. 

Baltimore Constellation

What a turnaround from the Constellation this season. They overhauled their roster and currently sit top of the pack thanks in big part to the acquisition of Tim Riggins. They have picked up key wins over Portland, Albuquerque, and Michigan en route to a division best start. Baltimore currently ranks second in the league in point differential, proving this roster is winning decisively. Their remaining games against Seattle, Ohio, and Atlantic City will go a long way in determining where this team sits in the playoff picture. 

Boston Militia

This is certainly not the season the Militia were hoping for after joining the league a season ago. The Militia staved off an early season death sentence by defeating New York a week ago. This team can still make a late season push but it is going to require more top end performances from their bigs DeMoura and Self. The pair both took a hit in scoring and rebounding from where they were a season ago. If this team has any hopes at making a run, they will need better performances from this pair and their bench as a whole.

New York Skyliners

The Skyliners have plummeted back to earth after making the playoffs a season ago. They are bottom of the Atlantic division at 1-6 and tied for last place in the league. They currently rank second to last in the league at a -86 point differential. This team still retains some of its core from their early seasons of success, but after this dreadful start it may be time to explore the option of rebuilding. They need to string 5 or 6 wins together to have a sliver of hope that they can make the playoffs. The outlook is not great, but this roster has had some success in the past that could make them a late season dark horse. 

Notable Players

Player (Team)

Tim Riggins (BAL) 

21.6 PPG
4.7 APG
2.0 RPG
Aldo Huxley (BAL)
20.3 PPG
4.7 APG
1.6 RPG

Hoe Jarris (AC)

 15.6 PPG
 4.7 APG
 2.7 RPG

Truck Ackles (AC)

10.9 PPG
 9.4 RPG
1.6 BPG

Greg Powers (BOS)

13.1 PPG
6.4 RPG
1.4 BPG

Ant Thomas (NY)

20.7 PPG
4.1 APG
1.0 SPG

Final Division Prediction

  1. Atlantic City 
  2. Baltimore
  3. Boston
  4. New York