Prospect Interview: Grave Digga

by Sean Robinson

Sean - Hello Grave, how is that prospect league championship treating you?

Grave Digga - Hello, it feels so good to be the GSPL champion. But I cannot take all the credit for the win. My teammates and coach played a huge role in getting that championship.

Sean - Absolutely. Now that the prospect league is over, do you have your sights set on the GSB Draft? You obviously played two seasons in college which helped your draft stock rise exponentially.

Grave Digga - Yes, I do have my sights set on the GSB Draft. I pondered running it back with my team one more season but after careful consideration I am entering my name into the draft.

Sean - Sounds good. You have been sought after as the possible number 1 pick in the S3 draft due to your exceptional prowess on the boards, but why else should teams want Grave Digga on their team?

Grave Digga - The two parts of my game that I’m always am trying to get better is my rebound and my defense. I want teams to know that I can dominate the interior defensive side of the ball. 

I want to be the opposing teams worst nightmare on the board and on defense.

Sean - You certainly have some great defense already. What can teams expect from you off the court?

Grave Digga - To be an immediate positive presence inside the locker room. Hitting the gym anytime I can. Motivating all of my teammates to stay positive regardless of the outcome of a game. The other teams don’t stop and give up so why should we!

Sean - Love that. Now, we have heard whispers, and in mock drafts, that Baltimore may be picking you at #1 in the draft. How would you feel about playing for them if they were to pick you? Do you have any preferences on where to play?

Grave Digga - You know I’m ready to ball where ever. I want to help a team win a chip no matter the team. Baltimore I’m ready the rest of the league I’m ready.  Now to tell the truth if I was able to play with anyone in the league of my choice I would like to my with Spyder, Jarris, Pope or Roman

Sean - Awesome. So I assume you have watched GSB basketball over the past two seasons. Do you have any role models, or players you model your game after?

Grave Digga - I came into the league not know anything/anyone. I now have gotten to know people and know things about the league. I like to say I don’t mirror my game after anyone. I like to go out and play my brand of basketball good day or bad day.

Sean - For sure. Once you enter the league, do you have your sights set on any particular awards or accolades to make a name for yourself in the GSB?

Grave Digga - DPOY

Sean - Awesome. Do you have any goals for yourself once you make it to the pros, or even before you make it to the pros?

Grave Digga - My goals are to perfect my craft, get better on the offensive side of the ball and become the best center in the League.

Sean - Great. One last question. Do you have any words of advice for future big man prospects that are trying to get to the top of the mountain?

Grave Digga - I’ll tell ya what it’s a climb to the top. I’m no where near where I wanna be yet lots still to perfect. 

What I will say for a future big man prospect ; work you tail of, embrace the hate, be active, and never ever look back. Take it on full head and show the world what you got.

Sean - Love it. Thanks for your time Grave Digga. Take care, and good luck in the draft.

Grave Digga - Thank you for the time and interview!