S1-S3 1st Round Draft Pick Rankings

by Tim Riggins

Busts Tier (34-44)

44. Jason Breeze Jr - S3 1.10

43. Brody Cait - S3 1.15

42. Pauly Truth - S2 1.15

41. Jordan Dadika - S3 1.8

40. Grave Digga - S3 1.1

39. Tim Tam Mills - S3 1.6

38. Matthew Holford - S3 1.3

37. Devonta Duncan - S2 1.6

36. Cash Wallace - S3 1.9

35. Shawn Self - S2 1.5

34. Vincent Graham - S2 1.3

Role Player Tier (23-33)

33. Dior Gore - S2 1.11

32 Arthur Morgan - S3 1.11

31. Emmanuel Blackman S3 1.5

30. Marshall Drake - S3 1.12

29. Dane Jones - S2 1.12

28. Brent Lane - S3 1.4

27. Joker Dejesus - S3 1.7

26. Jerry Fiblin - S1 1.10

25. Bismack - S1 1.9

24. Skyler Stevens - S2 1.10

23. Christopher Lingham - S2 1.8

Key Build Block Tier (11-22)

22. Angelo Roman - S3 1.2

21. Tyrese White - S3 1.16

20. Truck Ackles - S2 1.13

19. Ky'Shawn Williams - S2 1.9

18. Bobby Bricks - S1 1.2

17. Mario Medici - S1 1.8

16. Ja Broni - S1 1.11

15. Ethan Lederman - S2 1.4

14. Tim Savage - S1 1.6

13. Klank Thompson - S3 1.14

12. Milton Francis Heinkel - S2 1.1

11. Tez Green - S1 1.4

Star Tier (1-10)

10. John Matherly S3 1.13

Though he missed out on being an all-star, Matherly has a chance to win ROY with Klank Thompson as his rival threat. Matherly has been one of the best playmakers in the entire league this season and will be a big piece for Nola’s future.

9. Jack Lawson - S2 1.16

Lawson has been a surprise story. Last pick of S2 1st round the SF was an All-Rookie 1st team last season, and made a jump to All-Star this season. He also has a chance to make an All-GSB team at SF and his career seems to be going in the right direction.

8. Kam Melo - S1 1.5

Melo was a surprised pick when he was selected but quickly hushed any critic. He was one of the best scorers in the league in S1, and still was a great scorer before a few trades and off the court issues eventually led Melo out of the league. 

7. Ricky Spyder - S2 1.14

An All-Rookie and All-Star start last season, Spyder has had a great start to his career. Even though he doesn't seem to be getting any accolades this season he has been putting up some solid numbers and looks to be a building block for the future in Atlantic City. 

6. Jamal Davis - S2 1.6

Davis was an All-Rookie in S2 and now a S3 All-Star Starter. He is also in the running for an All-GSB team and DPOY award this season which could propel him into a top 5 ranking here. 

5. Greg Lake - S1 1.7

S1 scoring leader and All-Star(Captain)/All-GSB, Lake had a tremendous start to his GSB career that also saw him be a runner up for MVP. However, S2 was a rough patch for him and he also missed out on the All-Star for S3 as well. On the bright side Lake has started to show his old form again lately dropping a few 20 point games that gives up hope he can return to S1 form again.

4. Brendan Goshay - S2 1.2

1x All-Star (S3 Captain) and All-Rookie Team, Goshay has had an incredible start to his career. He is also in the running for an All-GSB team and in MVP convos this season. Goshay has been a star since he arrived in the league, and will continue to be a big part of New Orleans future success. If Goshay ends up with an MVP end of the season there can be an argument that he moves up to #1 or #2.

3. Al Padraza - S1 1.1

2x All-Star and All-GSB plus a S1 champ. Padraza has done more than enough to justify being pick #1 overall and continues to be very consistent. Riggins earning his 3rd All-Star is the only reason he squeaks by Padraza at this moment, but that could change down the road. Someone who can be a double double threat any night and put up 3 or 4 assists a game is a player any team would love to have.

2. Tim Riggins - S1 1.3

3x All-Star (S2 Captain), 2x All-GSB (likely 3), S1 Cover Athlete. Tim Riggins has had a decorative start to his career. He has been a top 10 scorer each season in the league, and is currently 2nd in PPG this season. Despite the many arrests and probations Riggins has found success in his career, and possibly the GSB 2nd all time leading scorer at this point. 

1. Kanin Abel - S1 1.12

2x All-Star, future 2x All-GSB, and GSB’s all time leading scorer currently, Abel has had an amazing career already. He has been the engine that’s leading Dallas to the playoffs every season. His elite defense also goes unnoticed sometimes which puts him over the edge above Riggins at the moment, but 1-3 can be interchangeable.