S2 Free Agent Predictions

by Daniel Jarris

There was not much action involving free agents in the offseason between GSB’s inaugural season and the beginning of the next season. However, with some big names including former All-Stars, award hopefuls, and 1st round picks being free agents heading into season 3, I expect we will see some interesting moves in free agency this year.

Note from the writer: These predictions have been made ignoring any roster construction, cap limitations, or trades needed to make space.

Alburquerque Martians:

Sasha Petrovic - Resign

Petrovic is a capable 3pt shooter and one of few bright spots on a Martians team that doesn’t have much to cheer for. I expect Petrovic to return to Albuquerque in hopes of the team improving in S3. 

Baltimore Constellation:

Sada Baby - Resign

A controversial trade for Baltimore, Sada Baby will resign with Baltimore after they traded for him during S2.

Boston Militia:

Brum James - Resign

A rotation piece for the Militia, Brum James hasn’t shown enough to warrant much attention from other teams in the league. Unless we end up with more expansion teams, I think James decides to return to Boston for another season.

Dallas Flying Stallions:


Kentucky Reserve:

Kobe Johnson - Resign

Josh Young 2.0 - Resign

Scottie B Peepin - Resign

This trio of pending FA all get significant minutes for Kentucky. In the case of Kobe Johnson, he has seamlessly stepped into the gap created by the Kam Melo trade and has been one of the best scoring players in the league since the trade. I expect all 3 of these free agents to return to Kentucky for another season.

Memphis Blues:

Gen Shinobi - Free Agency

Backup to MVP hopeful and the league’s top minute getter Dolph, Gen Shinobi has been playing a bit part for the Blues this season. I expect him to test free agency this year and end up with another team in hopes of more minutes.

Michigan Killer Beez:

Greg Lake - Resign

One of the biggest names on this list, S1 MVP runner-up Greg Lake was traded away from the NOLA Riders at the deadline to team up with S1 MVP Truck Turner and All-Star Tim Riggins. Every team in the league will want Greg Lake to sign for them, however, I believe that he will run it back with Michigan in S3 and potentially further.

NOLA Riders:


New York Skyliners:

Kam Melo - Resign

Another big shooter, a whirlwind near the trade deadline saw him traded from the Kentucky Reserve to Portland, and then to New York within a month after he was unhappy with his treatment in Portland. Kam seems to fit well in New York and he seems to be happy with the game plan in New York. I expect Kam to resign with the Skyliners.

Oakland Otters:

Almedin Colakovic - Resign

Colakovic has been a quality piece of an Oakland team that has been the best in the league for the majority of the season. Oakland has been very loyal to it’s players and vice versa, and I don’t expect Colakovic to be any different as he resigns with Oakland. 

Ohio Shaman:

Jordan Tribble - Free Agency

FIBA champion Jordan Tribble is one of the more underrated big men in the league. With the S2 draft being light at center, some of the expansion teams find themselves with a major weakness at center, and I expect Tribble to test free agency and end up with a starting role on another team.

Portland Pioneers:

Tim Savage - Resign

Quan WuLong-Chi - Free Agency

After the trade for Kam Melo went south, Portland shockingly were able to flip Kam for reliable deep threat Tim Savage from New York. Considering what was given up for Kam (and essentially Savage), Portland will be eager to retain Savage and will try everything to get him to return for S3. 

Quan WuLong-Chi is a good role player for any team who can provide a little bit of anything as well as being a competent wing scorer. I believe WuLong-Chi will seek out a starting role and end up on a S2 expansion team looking for some quality in the starting rotation at a discount. Baltimore or Virginia could be a destination for WuLong-Chi, but I predict he ends up in Boston.

San Antonio Stampede:

Dior Island - Resign

Biff Marcum - Free Agency

Devante Moore - Free Agency

S2 Rookie of the Year favorite Dior Island has been a revelation for the San Antonio Stampede this year. Despite being drafted in the second round ,he is leading the league in scoring. I expect Dior to come back to try and lead San Antonio to an improved record in S3.

Another set of rookies, Biff Marcum and Devante Moore, didn’t do enough to be granted a contract renewal for S3. I believe they will both test FA and try and find a better fit for themselves for S3.

Seattle Orcas:

Vice City Kings:

Al Padraza - Free Agency

DJ Love - Resign

Al Padraza is one of the best PFs in the league and will be highly sought after if he elects to go in free agency, which I believe he will. I think he will end up with another contender, with either Portland or Memphis getting him to agree to a deal.

Virginia Merfolk

Maurice LK - Resign

A work in progress, Maurice LK has been getting some valuable minutes for his development at expansion team Virginia. I expect LK to stay with the Merfolk for another season.