San Antonio vs Dallas Game Preview

by Tim Riggins

San Antonio Stampede vs Dallas Flying Stallions

The Stampede have been looking really good so far through both of their preseason games. During the S2 draft San Antonio picked up basically half a team of rookies to develop and rebuild after the majority of staff left. Tez Green has taken over control of the team and has done a fantastic job since then. Drafting key guys last season such as Dior Island (S2 ROTY), Biff Marcum, Jar Duncan, Devonta Duncan, and Christopher Lingham (who was traded for Ethan Lederman). During their preseason games you can see early on how active this team is on the floor and how hungry they are to get to winning basketball.

On the other side the Dallas Stallions look to make a deeper playoff run this season. 2 seasons of losing in the 1st round definitely has brought a chip on the Stallions shoulders. They lost a key big man in Bear Johnson (who became owner of the Michigan Killer Beez) but picked up Tavian Tyree who has looked very good so far in the preseason. This Dallas team has the same guards and small forwards as they had since S1 to give this team unbelievable chemistry with each other that shows on and off the court. 

Players To Watch

Dior Island

Last season’s rookie of the year was also the S2 scoring leader. With plays being more advanced this season I am very eager to see what Coach Green cooks up for the elite scoring SG this upcoming season. Island will also have a big time matchup going against Kanin Abel. 

Biff Marcum

The PF came out late during the end of S2 which was a big reason I had him on my short list of preseason most improved players. During the preseason games Marcum showed exactly why he is in that conversation, and possibly more. Marcum showed that he should be a double-double machine with very good playmaking skills as well, likely a potential triple-double outing in his future. 

Tavian Tyree

Tyree had a very solid rookie campaign with the Kentucky Reserve, and it looks like he will take an even bigger leap this season. Dallas played a big part in Bear Johnson’s development and I believe they will be doing the same for Tyree this season as well. Tyree has the advantage in this upcoming matchup with Jar Duncan in my opinion, and should have a very good game. 

Kanin Abel

The S3 favorite for MVP. Abel has had 2 very elite preseason games and it’s looking like the SG will be a big time player this season again. The new build has made Abel look unstoppable on the offensive side of the ball, and if his defense still carries over it will be very hard to challenge Abel for MVP.