Season 3 Week 1 POTW

by Bharp00

Season 3 week 1 PLAYER OF THE WEEK

Stars across the league came out firing on all cylinders as Season 3 of the GSB league has gotten underway.

Dan Glisack went out first day of the season and dropped 16 points with 15 rebounds on 72% from the field, while Anthony Stank had 21 points in that same match up that the Oakland Otters came out victorious in.

You saw Tez Green and Dior Island lead the charge for the San Antonio Stampede as they notched their first win in history of the Texas rivalry behind Tez's 24 points, 5 assists and 5 steals and Dior's 23 points and 5 assists.

Dezzy Saint had a big double double in their win over Vice City, while Rae'sean Carter put up 24 points on a nearly perfect 10/11 from the field to help propel the Pioneers over the Orcas.

 There was even some big time performances in losses such as Dime Hardaway's 23 points and 9 assists in a close loss to the Virginia Merfolk.

Even with the talent on display with big games happening daily, no one shined brighter than Tim Riggins this week who put up a huge 33 points and 4 assists off the bench in 22 minutes for his new team, the Baltimore Constellation, as they took down a Boston Militia team that was keeping pace for most of the game behind some Mike Melo heroics.

Your Week 1 POTW is Tim Riggins of the Baltimore Constellation.