Vice City vs New Orleans Game Preview (S3 Week 1)

by Tim Riggins



Written by Tim Riggins

GSB S3 | Week 1

Former S1 champs, Vice City, looks to get back to contention status following a round 1 exit in S2 playoffs. The Kings have continued to keep their main core together since S1, but had to replace KyShawn Williams with Shiloh Marino this offseason. Vice City looked okay during the regular season, but I would definitely like to see better from this team and their chemistry. I expect a big time matchup between King James and Brendan Goshay tonight.

New Orleans are kind’ve my wild card this season. Some nights they look like they can be contenders, other nights they look like a fringe playoff team. They have their star player in Goshay, and plenty of great complimentary pieces as well. However, if they plan to go far the Riders will need a true co-star to help lead them far this season. Lewis, and Maximus are guys I'm looking forward to watching this season to see if they can be that other star for New Orleans during the S3 year. 

Players To Watch

Zima Blue

2x All-GSB 1st team small forward, Zima Blue looks to have another top tier season this year as well. The small forward is very well rounded in all parts of his game, and will be the main piece of the team this season to get them back towards contention. I expect the Kings to play through him tonight to see who can stop him. 

King James

James has been a main playmaker and scorer for Vice City, but I want to see him take that next step defensively especially with the matchup against Goshay tonight. Losing KyShawn Williams also puts more pressure on him with more playmaking responsibilities that I am anxious to see if he can handle that.  

Brendan Goshay

The S2 rising star, Goshay had a very average preseason and I am expecting a lot more from him during the regular season. The riders will need him to be consistent on the offensive end in order to make a playoff run this season. With King James likely matched up with him, Goshay has an opportunity to post big scoring numbers unless James steps up on that end. 

King Maximus

Maximus is the guy I believe that can be that co-star this season for Goshay. He will have a very tough matchup with Al Padraza tonight, and we will get to see what he is really made of with this opportunity. Very athletic, the PF will need to use that to his advantage during transition to get easy buckets for his team. 

Prediction:New Orleans 91 - 87 Vice City