Wednesday's GSB Matchup Preview (S3 Week 3)

by Ricky Spyder/Tim Riggins



Written by Ricky Spyder

GSB S3 | Week 3

The Season 2 champs are back and look to be in the same shape they were last season. Oakland could definitely be the team to beat again as they set their sights on becoming 3-0 tonight. With many familiar faces plus a new comer in Klank Thompson, who will stand up to beat the reigning GSB champs! 

At 0-2, I’m sure some people would count out the ole Boston Militia. However, Boston has no shortage of superstars on deck ready to prove the naysayers wrong. Will Boston rise up to put the reigning champs in check! We shall see. 

Players To Watch

Dan Glisack

Here's a man that has been beastin’ and feastin’ for the past 2 seasons. He’s one of the top big men in the league and currently leads the league in RPG. So if there’s any bigman that can match up to King DeMoura, its the dangly man himself. 

Klank Thompson

If you thought Oakland couldn’t possibly get any better after last season, you were wrong. In walks Klank Thompson out of Buffalo Tech to put the league on notice early in his career. He’s making a good case for RotY and could speed trouble for Boston if they let this man get comfortable. 

King DeMoura

Maybe DeMoura hasn’t had as productive a season as last time around, but anybody that would sleep on the king is due for a ride awakening. He’s still one of the best if not THE best big in GSB. I think we are in for a clash of the titans between Glisack and DeMoura tonight.

Tyrano Rex

This undersized guard has shown a lot of heart so far in his rookie season. He’s been especially crafty in scoring against taller defenders. He may not be in RotY talks yet, but if he can manage to topple his former Blizzy Gang teammate Klank Thompson, we may have to take a second look at this one of a kind rookie! 

Prediction: Oakland 120 - Boston 92



Written by Tim Riggins

GSB S3 | Week 3

The Pioneers have started out S3 very strong with 2-0 record showing they have the ability to be contenders again this season. Newly acquired Slimer Puffenstuff has been a terrific playmaker for the offense, and Milton Francis Heinkel has been a menace on defense as he currently leads the DPOY award ladder. However, the future of this team seems to be in question. Rumor is the 2 owners are taking a step back and Heinkel is no longer in the server so this will be something to keep an eye on this season. Portland still has a great group of players that can make them competitive, but if they want to contend they will need to stay engaged. 

After being a top team in the previous two seasons the Kings have started S3 0-2. This is very unlike this team and they have another tough game tonight that they need to go their way. Starting 0-3 is not a good sign if you want to make the playoffs, much less content for a title. Zima Blue and King James will need to up their play to help lead Vice City to victory and get their season back on track.  

Keys For The Game

Portland: Perimeter Defense

Vice City: Scoring

Players To Watch

Rae’Sean Carter

Carter is one of the better PF’s in the league, and will be a key factor in slowing down Al Padraza tonight. Padraza has been VC’s best player so far this season and Carter will have the chance to erase him from the game.

Pharoah Dotson

Arguably the best center is S1, Dotson may get his chance to revive his career sooner rather than later. Dotson will likely be off the bench tonight, but if takes care of business against Detherage he might become the starter again soon with Heinkel out of the server. 

Donte Ali

Ali has been a solid 2-way player throughout his career, and he has a chance to get the Kings season back on track. The SF should be able to pick apart Portland's perimeter defense and put up a good scoring outing to give the King’s bench a boost tonight. 

Zima Blue

The 2x All-GSB 1st Team SF needs to have a terrific game tonight. Vice City should be relying on Zima to lead them to a much needed victory tonight as Padraza has a tough matchup with Carter. Blue should get the majority of the offensive plays ran for him tonight.  

Prediction: Portland: 100 - Vice City: 93